The Bridge of South Austin
A Ministry of Travis Heights Christian Outreach
Mission Statement:
To build a bridge for bruised and broken men, enabling them to find purpose through growth in Christ, life skills, sobriety, and service to their community.
Whom Does The Bridge Ministry Serve?
  • Men who are bruised
  • Men who are broken
  • Men who are homeless
  • Men who are former inmates
  • Men who have nowhere else to go
What Needs Are Fulfilled Through The Bridge Ministry?
  • Spiritual Needs
  • Physical Needs (health and physical well-being)
  • Employment Needs
  • Addiction Recovery Needs
  • Fellowship Needs
What Bridge Programs Are Offered?
  • Bible Study Program to address spiritual needs
  • Room and Board Program to address physical and health needs
  • Employment Readiness Program to address employment needs
  • Addiction Recovery Program to address addiction recovery
  • Mentoring Program to address fellowship needs, addiction recovery, employment readiness needs, and spiritual needs
  • Community Service Program to address spiritual needs and employment readiness needs
Need more information?

We are here to inspire and serve. Contact us by email or via our social media channels.