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U.S. Border Patrol and Indian Paintings - U.S. 360 Day 6 from Del Rio TX to Seminole Canyon State Hi

My cycling journey around the American perimeter

44 miles – Total so far: 337 miles

Ate breakfast at the motel, surrounded by wildcatters ready to brave the wind and heat and earn a living the hard way. Today was an easy day, with somewhat low mileage and a good tailwind. Within the first ten miles, I crossed the Amistad Reservoir, a lake that Texas shares with Mexico. It was very apparent what the Texas drought is doing to the state, especially in these remote areas, when you see the big canyons that used to be filled with water. This is tough, dry country, made only tougher and drier when there is even less water. The two-lane bridge over the lake, with no shoulder, was dicey, especially with a cross-wind testing my biking skills. God was with me today though, because only two trucks passed me on the mile long bridge.

Down the road a bit, I ran into a U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint. Met two federal agents (who are prohibited from posing in pictures) and their equally impressive drug-sniffing German Shepherd. These men are great and I thanked them for keeping us safe. One of the agents asked if this route was a special one for cyclists because he sees them routinely. I answered in the affirmative and he half-jokingly said that we are all crazy. I kinda agree with him.

Passed through the very small town of Comstock, famous in the late 1800’s for sheep, goats, and rail, all of which have now vanished. Interestingly, Comstock has apparently been home to an inordinate number of Texas Rangers. Good stuff.

Finished the ride at Seminole Canyon State Historic Park, an expansive park bordering Mexico. It’s a tough, but interesting place. Indian Paintings dating back thousands of years adorn the rocks and canyons in the area. This is camping the hard way, but beggers cannot be choosers. Not many services in the area.

I ran into one Eastbound cyclist today a few miles West of Comstock. An exhausted looking fellow named Don from Victoria, British Columbia. Don is heading to Florida. Only passed through one town today, Comstock. I saw absolutely no living wildlife today, but I did see a number of gigantic centipedes crossing the road, hopefully not heading for a sleep-over in my tent tonight.

It’s All Good.

Photo of the Day: Comstock Texas, and the famous Comstock Motel

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