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Extreme Weather in an Extreme Place - U.S. 360 Day 8 Day Off in Marathon TX

My cycling journey around the American perimeter

0 miles – Total so far: 418 miles

Took the day off, given the crazy weather conditions. Cold front blew in last night about midnight, bringing with it sustained winds of around 40 mph and gusts around 60 mph, and record low temperatures for the area. I commuted by bike to work in a similar situation earlier this year, and I promised myself I would not do it again, in any situation, let alone one in such a remote area.

Got some much needed rest in Sanderson, and then caught a ride into Marathon. Checked in to the Marathon Motel, a great place, and got out of the high winds and cold for most of the day. We did get a chance to tour the small town of Marathon for a while, and enjoyed it. Marathon, with a population of 430 citizens, boasts itself as the “Gateway to Big Bend”, and all in all it is a pretty neat place.

Performed some bike maintenance and brushed the cobwebs from my winter riding gear. Tomorrow morning, the expectation is to try and make it through Alpine to Ft. Davis, which is North of here, and into a headwind. The temperature tomorrow morning is forecasted to be in the high 20’s, so I’ll be “chipper” to be sure.

It’s All Good.

Photo of the Day: Cold, but rested at the historic Gage Hotel.

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