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Wheeeeeee!!!!!!!!! - U.S. 360 Day 26 from Salome AZ to Blythe CA

My cycling journey around the American perimeter

65 miles – Total so far: 1334 miles

High 30’s when we left Salome at 7am. Jim experienced his first flat tire right out of the gate, and of course it was on a nice downhill run. After fixing the flat, we resumed the downhill into the brisk morning air.

The day turned out to be a “chamber of commerce” day. Blue skies, sunny but cool conditions, and only a slight headwind. And best of all, lots of downhill. In all, from beginning to end, we lost about 1500 feet of elevation, but in a gradual way that allowed for not much braking. While Jim is a monster on climbs, I’m pretty fluid on the downhills, so the day was somewhat exhilarating. Especially “exhilarating” were the two stretches of IH 10 riding, about 20 miles in all. The heavy truck traffic, rumble strips, high speeds, and shoulder debris made things a bit sketchy at times.

The scenery was really nice today, with mesa’s that looked like tabletops, and rough jagged peaks that are apparently fault lines jutting out of the desert. No earthquakes, please. We ran into an eastbound cyclist today. Jay is from Los Angeles and is making his way down to Tucson Arizona. He is a minimalist from the looks of his rig, and light as a feather. Jim and I were salivating over Jay’s setup, which looked ready-made for the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route.

We passed over the Colorado River today and into the great state of California, my fourth state on this grand US 360 tour! The landscape immediately turned greener and the lyrics to “California Dreamin'” immediately filled my head.

We passed through a few towns today, namely Hope, Brenda, and Quartzsite. We called it quits in Blythe California, a nice town with many services, including a Starbucks that had my name all over it.

It’s All Good.

Photo of the Day: Nice backdrop out of Salome AZ.

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