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Alfalfa and the Ultimate Host - U.S. 360 Day 27 from Blythe CA to Somewhere South of Palo Verde CA

My cycling journey around the American perimeter

26 miles – Total so far: 1360 miles

Woke up a bit under the weather today, but nothing overly serious. Today was, by design, a short day in preparation for tomorrow’s big ride across the desert with no services to speak of. There was a nice chill to the air when we started the ride, made colder by the stiff northerly winds that prevailed for most of the day. We were prepared for the high winds famous in this area, and were encouraged that the direction was never completely in our faces.

Today’s landscape was easily this tour’s most fertile agricultural area. Even in November, the fields were dark green, and the contrast with the surrounding brown and tan mountains made for rich views. Field after field of alfalfa, cotton, beets and other crops made the ride quite entertaining. The valley seems to have been brought to life with significant irrigation canals that flowed like rivers

Easily the highlight of the day was our Warmshowers host, Nancy. We had heard about Nancy via word of mouth from an eastbound cyclist. Based on that recommendation, we called her and set up the visit. Her home is strategically located in a remote desert hideaway between Palo Verde and a 70 mile stretch of desert with no services. Many touring cyclists have stayed here to either prepare for the trip, or to recover from it if they are eastbound. Nancy is a true renaissance woman (artist, yoga instructor, writer, assistant postmaster), a fascinating person, and very hospitable. She cooked us a wonderful vegetarian dinner, replete with handmade herbal tea, and we sat and listened to interesting stories about her world travels. We appreciated her gracious hospitality!

As we doze off to sleep, we are listening to barking coyotes, and also contemplating the stories of wild burros, snakes, tarantulas, and mountain lions we’ve just heard.

It’s All Good.

Photo of the Day: Surly Pearl enjoying herself today.

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