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A Tale of Two Rides - U.S. 360 Day 30 from Jacumba CA to Lakeside CA

My cycling journey around the American perimeter

56 miles – Total so far: 1544 miles

This is a day that we took two rides, together totaling 58 miles. The day started at the Jacumba Spa and Resort after an altogether too-brief respite. The first 30 miles west consisted of four separate climbs, each in the 1000 foot range (give or take). After each climb, we would coast down the other side of the mountain, giving much of our gain away. The peak of the last climb crested at somewhere around 4100 feet, but due to the up-and-down nature of the day’s ride, we certainly accumulated much more than that!

The second ride we took today, after the peak of the last mountain, was the complete inverse of the morning ride. We coasted at speeds in the 25-30+ mph range for most of the balance of the day, whooshing through pine valleys and small towns without even slowing down. By the end of the day’s downhill, we had given up almost all of the altitude we struggled so hard to accumulate over the last two days, but we gladly burned it up just to enjoy the adrenalin rush and the beautiful scenery.

We passed through the towns of Pine Valley, Alpine, and Lakeside, our camping spot for tonight. Of notable mention today was Pine Valley’s Major Coffee Shop. This place was outstanding! An old style coffee shop replete with ’50’s paraphernalia, and food that hit the spot after a hard morning’s climb.

Tomorrow we dip our tires in the Pacific. Stay tuned!

It’s All Good.

Photo of the Day: Surly Pearl overlooking I-8 somewhere close to the middle of nowhere CA.

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