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Olfactory Paradise and Missiles - U.S. 360 Day 40 from Carpinteria CA to Malibu CA

My cycling journey around the American perimeter

50 miles – Total so far: 2037 miles

The day was punctuated unlike any other on the trip with terrific smells. Yes, smells! And they were quite diverse. We smelled the salty air from the Pacific surf, we smelled pungent pine trees, and we smelled distinctive raspberries. But the best smell of all emanated from the vast strawberry fields near Oxnard CA. You could literally almost taste the sweet and fresh strawberries for miles, almost to the point you felt like you were immersed in them.

We passed through the towns of Ventura, Oxnard, and Port Hueneme today, all part of a nice, leisurely 50 mile ride with little or no hilly geography on the ride itself. From mountains to fields of strawberries and lima beans, to white sandy beaches, today was filled with variety. The towns are most certainly growing in size as we near the outskirts of Los Angeles. Of particular note was Oxnard, which is known for earthquakes, given it’s proximity to the San Andreas fault line. Luckily, we didn’t experience any rocking and rolling today.

We stopped at the Point Mugu Air Station to gawk at an outdoor missile park, which is open to the public. We saw a number of historic missiles and airplanes that have been tested at that site since World War II, and snapped a couple of pretty cool pictures of the Navy jets. Ran into a couple of touring cyclists there that provided us nerve-wracking stories of our upcoming cycling route through Los Angeles, so we politely disregarded their warnings so as not to irritate our ulcers.

We have noticed, since we are getting closer to Malibu, that the homes are getting more and more spectacular. I’m making a grand assumption, based on legend as well as the sheer awesome-ness of the homes, this is probably some of the most expensive real estate in the world. I ran into a significant number of cyclists and friendly folks today, but only a couple of loaded touring cyclists. We’re staying at Leo Carillo State Beach tonight, but will leave at dark thirty tomorrow morning to make our way into the heart of L.A., an estimated 80 mile haul.

It’s All Good.

Photo of the Day: Gorgeous setting on the way to Malibu CA

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