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A “Golden” Day - U.S. 360 Day 45 from San Francisco CA to Lagunitas CA

My cycling journey around the American perimeter

45 miles – Total so far: 2304 miles

It was great to finally put the training and the logistics behind me and just get back in the saddle and pedal, for real. Today was a day dominated by the hilly streets of San Francisco and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. And what a bridge it was. I have driven over the Golden Gate a few times, but what an experience to cycle over it! I put my iPhone on record as I commenced, and stopped recording on the other side. Nine minutes! Granted, I wasn’t exactly going breakneck speed, but that should give you an idea of how massive the structure is.

Today’s ride was surprisingly difficult. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but the hills and navigation were challenging to the point I’m happy that it was a relatively short ride. What I’m sort of figuring out is that no amount of training can completely prepare you for the open road. It’s just something you’ve got to do to get acclimated.

Passed through the quaint California towns of Sausalito, Corte Madera, San Anselmo, and Lagunitas. This is cycling Mecca. I have never seen a greater concentration of bicycle shops than I did throughout today’s ride. And special recognition to the unnamed shop in Sausalito who charged me usury prices for chain oil. What’s a desperate adventure cyclist gonna do though?

Camping at Samuel P. Taylor State Park tonight. A beautiful forested park with hiker/biker campsites, which is full of adventurous traveling cyclists like me. Camping next to Scott (Oregon), Gunther (Vermont), and a nice Englishman from, well, you can probably guess where.

The forecast calls for rain tonight, so time to batten down the hatches.

It’s All Good.

Photo of the Day: The Golden Gate

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