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A Foggy, Worldly Day - U.S. 360 Day 47 from Bodega Bay CA to Anchor Bay CA

My cycling journey around the American perimeter

53 miles – Total so far: 2400 miles

Rose at 5:30am to get an early start on a big day. I had been warned that today’s ride would be challenging not only because of the hills and distance, but because of unusually foggy conditions. I’ve experienced fog out here before, but nothing like today. From the moment I re-emerged on Highway 1, visibility was a big zero. I had full traffic safety regalia intact (headlights and blinky lights), but the visibility, combined with the terrain and cars, made for more than a couple of harrowing moments.

In the middle of the fog, I came upon a young Portuguese man named Tiago, and rode with him awhile. A delightful young man, artist, and professional bike messenger, Tiago has cycle toured all over the world. He’s traversing the Pacific Coast at an astonishing 200 – 250 Kilometers per day. Absolute breakneck speed given his touring gear setup, and I suspect he was just being nice letting me tag along with him. I ate breakfast with a nice German couple, and combine that with a Southbounder I ate lunch with from British Columbia, it was quite the worldly day.

Amidst the fog, I saw many deer, raccoons, one fox, and a couple of snakes that evidently weren’t fast enough to get across Highway 1. Also saw a number of harbor seals and one raven who followed me close to a half mile, probably wondering if I was going to feed him.

Passed through the small towns of Fort Ross, Stewarts Point, Gualala and Anchor Bay, perhaps with a combined population of less than a good crowd at Chipotles in Austin on a Friday night.

It’s All Good.

Photo of the Day: Tiago and I eating bananas at the Ocean Grove Grocery, built in the 1860’s

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