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Pacific Kennels - U.S. 360 Day 48 from Anchor Bay CA to Fort Bragg CA

My cycling journey around the American perimeter

62 miles – Total so far: 2462 miles

A big day today, all in all. Mileage was 62 miles through hilly terrain, excellent weather, a slight tailwind, and spectacular coastal and inland scenery. I could stop there, as that pretty much sums up the day. But I won’t.

Awoke, packed and ate before sunrise to get an early start on a long day. For the first 10 miles heading toward Point Arena CA, I heard noises in the distance that sounded like hundreds of dogs barking. As a city boy, the only sound similar to that is the sound of a nearby dog kennel. Out here, that is the sound of a harem of harbor seals barking, playing and eating breakfast. I love this place.

The ride today, like most days, is either up or down, no in-between. Every once in a while Mother Nature throws in a small bay, forcing the Pacific Coast Highway to sweep inland down incredibly steep grades, and once around the bay, climbing back out on similar grades. This scene happens routinely out here, playing itself out over and over. The only thing that keeps you from feeling sorry for yourself are the tremendous panoramas that await at every turn.

Passed through the beautiful little towns of Point Area CA, Manchester CA, Elk CA, Albion CA, Mendocino CA, and Fort Bragg CA. On the slightly negative side, had two separate incidents of car “smoke bombs” blasted directly at me today. One of the culprits was a toothless wonder in a beat up pick-up truck with a circa 1950 camper attached. Pull that crap in Texas, dipshit, and you’d be staring down the business end of somebody’s Winchester.

Camping at the beautiful Mackerricher State Park in the fullest hiker/biker site I’ve ever seen. Probably 8 tents filled with folks from all over the globe, most notably two British brothers on their way to Tierra del Fuego, ultimately to cap off a trip around the world.

It’s All Good.

Photo of the Day: Surly Pearl and an awesome Pacific mural at Point Arena CA

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