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Rambling Into Beaver Country - U.S. 360 Day 53 from Klamath CA to Brookings OR

My cycling journey around the American perimeter

54 miles – Total so far: 2730 miles

Left the beautiful country around Klamath CA before sunrise to get a head start on the rainy afternoon forecast. I must say that Klamath is so far one of my favorite places on this tour. Beautiful mountains, huge pine trees, salmon-filled streams. Pretty dang awesome. On my way out of Klamath, I saw an enormous statue of Paul Bunyan and his trusty Blue Ox Babe. While a cool and fairly random sight, I thought Paul Bunyan was from Minnesota, at least that’s what my Minnesotan mother always told me. Maybe he migrated West!

Anyway, the first 20 miles was a climb, including about a 10 mile serious climb into Crescent City CA. That particular climb elevated 1800 ft above the shoreline, and was quite a parting shot in leaving California. Unfortunately, on many parts of the climb, there were road construction crews out and about. I must say, however, that the CalTrans folks have been very accommodating and gracious to me, so I have absolutely no complaints.

I hit the California – Oregon state line early in the afternoon without much fanfare, other than feeling satisfied knowing I’ve now cycled in 5 states since the start of my US360 Tour. Interestingly, it felt 10 degrees colder as soon as I crossed into Oregon.

Passed through the towns of Klamath CA, Crescent City CA, and Brookings OR today, all beautiful, and saw a stunning hawk eyeing me from the safety of his nest. A very, very good day today, with NO RAIN. Camping in a great Oregon State Park tonight, Harris Beach State Park, and eating dinner with fellow cyclists from L.A., Thailand, and the Netherlands. The only noise this evening is coming from the massive Pacific ocean waves below crashing in to the many Oregon sea stacks that seem ubiquitous in this part of the world.

It’s All Good.

Photo of the Day: Selfie crossing into Oregon

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