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The Oregon Coast – Just Wow! - U.S. 360 Day 54 from Brookings OR to Port Orford OR

My cycling journey around the American perimeter

53 miles – Total so far: 2783 miles

Undoubtedly, Oregon has some of the most spectacular coastlines and sweeping Pacific panoramas I have ever seen, and I’ve only been here a day-and-a-half! The mountains that seem to simply disappear into the Pacific, the jagged cliffs, and the churning surf all make this a sight to see. But what is most impressive are the massive sea stacks that jut out from the ocean, sometimes big enough to look like small islands. At every vista today I was forced to pull out my camera to capture “just one more” beautiful snapshot.

The only thing that interrupted my picture-taking were the hills. In this country, if you are not climbing, you’re whistling down the side of a mountain and seemingly hanging on for dear life. None of the hills today were as long and steep as I experienced in Northern California, but what they lacked in height they more than made up for in frequency!

I had an interesting wildlife day today. In addition to deer and flocks of geese, I saw salmon swimming upstream in the Rogue River and it’s tributaries, near Gold Beach OR. I passed through the nice southern Oregon towns of Harbor, Brookings, Gold Beach, and Ophir today. But I must give special recognition to a town called “Pistol River”. That sounds like a township better suited for West Texas than Oregon, but it was the coolest town name I’ve ran across in a while. Wouldn’t it be cool to say you were born in Pistol River?

I’m resting easy tonight after a string of big saddle days. My “front yard” is an unobstructed view of the towering Humbug Mountain (apparently one of the highest mountains in Oregon to rise directly from the ocean), covered in beautiful Douglas fir trees, the only movement being two hawks overhead looking for small game.

It’s All Good.

Photo of the Day: Surly Pearl and massive sea stacks near Pistol River OR

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