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Seven Devils and the Birthplace of a Champion - U.S. 360 Day 55 from Port Orford OR to Coos Bay OR

My cycling journey around the American perimeter

65 miles – Total so far: 2848 miles

So after seeing red berries for miles all over the shoulder of US101 outside of Bandon OR, I began to wonder what I was seeing, and why. It all became clear a few minutes later when I witnessed an open bed truck, loaded to the hilt with ……. cranberries, flying through the hills and curves, spilling some of his cargo at every turn! Given the number of cranberries on the road, it appears his many colleagues share the same driving techniques. As I hit the edge of Bandon, I came upon an Ocean Spray plant where assumably all of the Cran-(fill in the blank) juice is made. You can’t make this stuff up!

Today’s ride was a long, hilly one, with a stiff headwind from the North. Mind you, it wasn’t miserable, but it was a challenge. Of particular note was the locally famous Seven Devils Road outside of Coos Bay, where cyclists test their metal on, you guessed it, seven mini-summits, each one marked so you know how many hills (aka devils) are left. The Seven Devils came toward the end of my 65 mile, wind-laden ride, so they held a particular place in my psyche today.

Most notable about today’s ride, however, was that I made it to the birthplace of my boyhood hero, Steve “Pre” Prefontaine. As I neared Coos Bay from the South, I could just visualize the young Pre running training runs out in the hills and along the coastline. Given the terrain and the omnipresent wind, I can see why he could run his competition into the ground. Race day was probably easy after conquering the geography around Coos Bay.

Passed through the towns of Port Orford, Sixes (I love it!), Langlois, Bandon, Charleston, and Coos Bay. I checked in to a local motel (The Itty Bitty Inn), a rarity given my penchant for camping, to watch my beloved Texas Longhorns attempt to play football. I bleed burnt orange, what can I say. Hook’em Horns.

It’s All Good.

Photo of the Day: Cranberries all over the road near Bandon OR

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