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Bridges and German Gummy Bears - U.S. 360 Day 56 from Coos Bay OR to Florence OR

My cycling journey around the American perimeter

48 miles – Total so far: 2896 miles

Today was a marvelously easy and enjoyable ride from Coos Bay OR to Florence OR. The hills were manageable, the headwinds were moderate, the terrain was inland and beautiful, and the distance was low-moderate.

The landscape was primarily thick pine forest ridges with an occasional mountain lake for good measure. Beyond the trees in Oregon, I am enthralled by the heavy underbrush in these forests. It is almost tropical in appearance, with ferns and plants that look life elephant ears, and a spectrum of green that extends well beyond what I knew existed.

One other aspect of this part of Oregon worth noting are the bridges. Many of the towns on the coastline are built on bays or inlets, upon which beautiful, old, and sturdy truss bridges have been erected. These bridges are significant structures, and the trusses reach high into the sky. The bridge over Coos Bay today had to have been over a half mile in length, rising well over the bay below. None of these bridges, however, give cyclists much room, but many are equipped with handy push-buttons that, when activated, warn motorists that a cyclist is ahead on the bridge. Very nice.

About ten miles out of Florence, I ran into a southbound adventure cyclist and we spent a half-hour chatting and comparing notes. Daniel, a German, commenced his cycling adventure in Prudhoe Bay Alaska (in the Arctic, that is) and will end his trip in Argentina. He has ridden the Dalton Highway in the North of Alaska (definitely a bucket list item for me), so Daniel shared some amazing stories with me. As we prepared to go our separate ways, Daniel pulled out a bag of what he called German Gummy Bears and offered me a handful. I happily obliged and used my subsequent sugar high to push Surly Pearl the rest of the way to Florence OR.

I passed through the cool towns of North Bend, Hauser, Winchester Bay, Reedsport, Gardiner, Dunes City, and Florence today. I’m turning inland tomorrow to Eugene OR with big mileage in store, so it will be sleepy time here shortly.

It’s All Good.

Photo of the Day: Harbor at Old Town Florence OR

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