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God Hitched a Ride Today - U.S. 360 Day 62 from Manzanita OR to Astoria OR

My cycling journey around the American perimeter

41 miles – Total so far: 3234 miles

God hitched a ride with Surly Pearl and me today. After a couple days of ever-so-slight pessimism, I woke up with a sparkling new attitude, despite the dreary weather forecast. My iPhone weather app subtly predicted a day of 90% rain shower chances, from sunrise to sundown. As I left Manzanita OR at the break of dawn, the rain seemed to be somewhat at bay, but instead of a downpour I was only greeted with a couple of significant climbs, right out of the chute. The payment for the climbs were some of the most spectacular mountain and ocean views of this tour, and I spent a fair amount of time resigned to the absolute awe of my surroundings. And to top it off, as I began the delightful descent toward Seaside OR, I noticed a chilly feeling on my back that I had not experienced on this tour. A rare, full-blown tailwind was fully intact, giving me the distinct feeling that I was in Heaven!

Beautiful scenery, rain-free riding, tailwinds, and a fresh perspective …. what more could I ask for. It was crystal clear that God had hitched a ride with me this morning just to remind me He’s large and in charge. Ironically, shortly thereafter, the rain kicked back in, and no worse for the wear, I frolicked with newfound energy the rest of the way into historic Astoria OR. A beautiful ride, a beautiful landscape, and ahem, a Riding Partner that assuredly brought it all together.

Today I learned that “Grace Happens”! (I think that would make a great bumper sticker.)

It’s All Good.

Photo of the Day: Magnificent scenery looking back down at Manzanita OR.

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