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Off to a Red-Letter Start - U.S. 360 Day 1 from Austin TX to Blanco TX

My cycling journey around the American perimeter

60 miles – Total so far: 60 miles

Didn’t sleep a wink, and woke up early with lots of butterflies. My beautiful bride, my lovely sister, my parents, and my two youngest sons saw me off. As I left the driveway, the feelings were confusing, if not a bit surreal. Instead of turning right out of the driveway on my bike (I have commuted regularly to work), I turned left. No to-do’s on my mind, no meetings to rush to, no emails waiting on a response. Instead, only open road. I turned left.

The traffic getting out of town was a bit ugly, but not overwhelming. I traveled 17 miles from my home before intersecting with the ACA’s Southern Tier Route. I first passed through Buda Tx., a great little town I’ve cycled to countless times over the years. Interestingly, as I passed by the local Catholic church, the church bells began to play beautiful music. It was a christening, of sorts, I guess!

I enjoyed today’s ride through Kyle, Wimberley, and Blanco, and was reminded why I live here and raise a family here. This is quintessential Texas Hill Country, and I love it. The hills were sort of challenging, but the views were beautiful. In spite of the years’ long draught in this part of Texas, the grassland was very green and the second wave of wildflowers were in full regalia. I saw deer, one armadillo (alive, I might add), and lots of vultures. I also ran into a guy going Eastbound on the Southern Tier. His name is Dave, and he is crossing America on, of all things, a Unicycle! He began in San Diego Ca., so he is about half-way into his adventure. He said the Texas Hill Country had been a challenge for him and he was ready for some flat terrain. Unbelievable! He is blogging and can be found on www.unicyclingsailor.com.

After setting up camp at Blanco State Park, I rode to the only open restaurant in town tonight, a wonderful Italian place with Vegetarian Lasagna that more than hit the spot. The Frank Sinatra tunes in the background were an added bonus…..

All in all, a great first day, a good ride, and a solid way to start the next chapter of my life.

It's All Good.

Photo of the Day: U.S. 360 or Bust

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