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Pretty Legs, Pretty Scenery, Pretty Big Hills - U.S. 360 Day 3 from Kerrville TX to Vanderpool TX

My cycling journey around the American perimeter

53 miles – Total so far: 176 miles

Another early morning wake up call. Left Kerville amidst gloomy weather conditions, but things cleared up nicely. Stopped off at a local convenience store to pick up some supplies. Uneventful, other than the grandmother working at the store, who after hearing about my journey, commented on my “pretty legs”. Hmmm…

Today was one of the top five single day rides I’ve ridden, for geographic diversity as much as anything. It started off with a bang in Ingram, where someone thought it was a brilliant idea to build a replica of Stonehenge! It was quite surreal, and for a moment I thought I was in prehistoric England. My nephew Trevor, a doctoral candidate of British history, would have been quite enamored with the whole ordeal. The area through Hunt, Tx was simply beautiful. Meandering Guadalupe River, tree-covered two-lane road, wildflowers, and very nice people. I’ve decided I will telecommute from there upon my return, assuming they have wireless. The rest of the way to Vanderpool was very hilly, with few if any services. The road coming down into Vanderpool was “white knuckles” material. Very steep grade, but spectacular scenery to keep my mind off of pending disaster at every turn.

Another classic Texas (very big) Hill Country day. I only passed through a few towns, Ingram, Hunt, and ended my day at Vanderpool. While not a town, a notable mention was a ranch aptly named Boot Hill, where old boots were placed on fence posts as far as the eye could see. Not a whole lot of wildlife today, other than a few deer, a couple of antelope on a game preserve, and a roadrunner that was notably faster up the hills than me.

A banner day, yet a semi-stressful evening contemplating tomorrow’s three significant climbs into Camp Wood. I’ll be wearing my big boy pants tomorrow.

It’s All Good.

Photo of the Day: Not exactly sure why they call this ranch “Boot Hill”!

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