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Hard Cider and Eccentricity - U.S. 360 Day 25 from Wickenberg AZ to Salome AZ

My cycling journey around the American perimeter

55 miles – Total so far: 1269 miles

Woke up in our grassy campsite with frost on the pumpkin (ie. it was pretty dang chilly). We ate with our new friend Matthew, broke camp, said our goodbyes, and were immediately greeted with a nice little climb west out of Wickenburg. My legs seemed heavy and a little dead for the first half of our 55 mile trek, but gradually felt better throughout the afternoon. I have found that training really doesn’t totally prepare me for touring. What does prepare me is saddling up, battling the elements, day after day for a week or so into a real life tour.

Today was marked with steady headwinds, steady inclines, and steady sun. In other words, I suffered just a bit. On the other hand, Jim seemed strong for most of the day. He is most certainly adapting to this cycle touring lifestyle.

Passed through two towns today, Aguilar and Wenden. Ended the ride at Don’s Cactus Cafe in Salome, Arizona. I wish every ride could terminate at this place. Don’s was a cross between a biker (not my kind of bike) bar, a cowboy hangout, and, shall we say, eccentricity. Jim and I each drank a 22 oz Woodchuck Hard Cider, at which point we decided to walk, not ride our bikes to the motel across the street. Jim has asked that I publicly admit to not completely finishing off my beverage, which may be a first for me.

Completed the evening by attacking a vegetarian pizza that was billed as the best pizza in Salome. What was not highlighted is that it was the only pizza in Salome.

Saw a few dead animals today, including two foxes, a javelina, hawks, and a cougar (actually it was a house cat, but it kinda looked like a cougar).

It’s All Good.

Photo of the Day: 453rd Avenue? Really?

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